Monday, February 11, 2013

And the Winter Rolls On

Once again I sit at my computer updating this blog on a rainy day, only this time the rain is falling on top of nearly a foot of two day old snow. I was lucky to get 2 awesome days on XC skis, before the weather and conditions took a shift. There are few things about winter I like, but a big snow can be a nice change from the bike, as I like to XC ski.

Yesterday was beautiful with blue skies and the sun reflecting off the snow. I finally dialed in the kick wax after much frustration and had an awesome day on my new skis, with some great people. Henry ended up delaminating both soles of his ski boots, and finished his ski in his socks. It was such a beautiful day that I think he still had a great time. He said the pavement near the parking lot was hot to walk on.

Sorry to see the snow waste away into a less desirable form somewhere between slush, crud and ice. I imagine I will be looking to make friends with my trainer once again. ... and the winter rolls on.