Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Winter Arrives in New Jersey

As a cyclist, winter is something I endure more than enjoy. I know that without black, we would not have white and without rest we would not have strength. The seasons are a perfect combination that I am lucky to experience. Winter just seemed to come fast this year.

December rolled in and so did winter. Christmas is only a week away, and already three snowstorms and the woods are covered under a blanket of snow. I have already tried to hike on ice, ride my mountain bike on icy roads and XC ski on crusty snow. All of which fall into the endure category. There is no doubt that the snow and ice have been beautiful, but winter conditions outside have not been ideal just yet.

The really good news is that the days are already getting longer, which means the countdown to spring is not all that far away. So, in the mean time, there is plenty of hope for some winter fun and perhaps a few long rides when the weather allows.