Monday, October 20, 2014

Changing Shades

Another year gone by and the shades of autumn are here once again. Every year the shades are slightly different than the previous year, making it a new experience each time. How lucky I am to be dazzled by a unique spectrum each year. I love summer and never want it to end, but the there is something about the autumn that I embrace each year. I am not sure if it is anything in particular about the autumn or just the needed change each year. I am not the kind of person that is quick to accept big change, but as I am entering the autumn of my life, I sense the colors will change whether I want them to or not. It is the cycle of life.

I recently had the hard drive on my work horse computer fail without warning. I am very thankful that my dear friend CJ, encouraged me to get an external hard drive to back up my pictures two years ago. Thank you! I did not back up everything on that computer which resulted in some anxiety, but I have now come to realize that it was time to let go of that part of my life and start a new chapter. The canvas is now empty and the timing is perfect. So, let autumn roll in. I look forward to having a retired husband, spending winters in the desert, and exploring new trails. I hope to embrace the new shades of life and the changes that lie ahead.