Monday, February 25, 2008

2006 Where is Spring?

As winter starts to loosen it’s long held hold on the forest, most of us mountain bikers begin what seems like an eternal wait for the first signs of spring. You start to fantasize about what the wind would feel like on your bare legs and what the sun would feel like on your face while whooshing down the trail.

OK, It is March 20th, the first day of spring, Right? Where is spring? Bitter cold winds cut my neck that I can barely turn as I get into my car because of this stiff neck I have from an 85 mile frigid road ride the day before. No, this was not a Kris Weber ride, more like the get even with Kris ride. There is no way I plan to get back on a road bike any time soon.

Several days pass, my neck feeling a bit better, I decide to try a mountain bike ride. By the time I get to the park, it is feeling warm, and I am thinking, I may not need my tights. When I get out of the car, a bug lands on me. Oh yes, at last they are alive! If a bug has hatched or defrosted, then it must be spring! So shorts it is.

A few miles into the single-track, a butterfly floats by. I don’t know how he got here so fast, but what a sight. I think it was a tiger tail swallow. He also beat me to the top of the hill, which should tell you something about my fitness, or lack of it, but who cares about that now. It’s spring! As I ride past the swamp, I hear the peepers in full song. Spring IS here for sure.

Now, I’m not sure if it was the riding that helped or just the signs of spring, but I hardly even noticed my stiff neck on the ride. Yeah, that’s what I love best about mountain biking. It exorcises any pains or worries out and leaves the happy kid within.

Happy spring to all!

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