Friday, May 23, 2008

Rainy Days

After what seemed like an eternity of rainy days, the sun has finally found my face. Rainy races come and go, and I no longer care to think too much about them. I suppose the first time you endure one and finish, it feels like a victory of perseverance, but after dozens, it has little merit any more. So the most significant thoughts of my last race were that of relief that all seven of my teammates piled back into the van uninjured with a finished race behind us, and tired smiles on our faces.

Now that I return to my woods to ride, dodging the showers all week long, I find a full canopy over head and ferns reaching up to my chin. The forest grows at an amazing rate, and I feel lucky to experience it each time I go out. The field, control burned each spring by the park, is now filled with green and the first signs of wild flowers. The wild turkey gather in the field in anticipation to raise their young. I can’t wait to see all the little “turklets” scurrying around in a few weeks. All this, because of the rain. ….this week has been perfect.

Laura and Kathy enjoying the late afternoon sun.

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