Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tandem X 3

Riding a tandem is like dancing with a partner. Put three tandems together and it is like a dance party on wheels. Yesterdays ride was one to remember. Moving together in a rhythm of tandem, Laura, Howie, Dar, Willy, Art and I rode 59 miles and 4700 vertical feet of climbing on some of the areas most scenic roads, and all paired on tandems together.

Our adventure started in Tuxedo NY, back dropped with a number ten type of day. We climbed up Rt 106 into Harriman State Park, and then headed north up Seven Lakes towards Bear Mountain. The lakes were sparkling in the sun and turtles were out sunning on the rocks. We decided to take an impromptu visit up Perkins Memorial Dr. to the look out. Here we encountered many cyclists challenging themselves on the ascent, only to be rewarded by the view and the gentle cool breezes at the top.

From there, we continued north and were able to bypass West Point traffic, by cutting through the military buffer on Mine Rd, another scenic quiet road that connects close to the incredible Rt 218 section that winds along the Hudson.

After our trip along the Hudson, we stopped in Cornwall to re-fuel and rode back south over some nice long climbs and descents on Angola/Mineral Springs Rd into Monroe and East Mombasha Rd. back to Tuxedo. It was a very enjoyable day, and great to see some new people get turned on to riding a tandem. The group dynamic was a perfect match.

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