Tuesday, October 21, 2008

IMBA TCC at Ringwood

The IMBA Trail Care Crew event on October 17,18 &19 at Ringwood State Park and Sterling Forest brought together more than 60 people to learn and share ideas. Advocates, trail builders, mountain bikers, hikers, equestrians, and New York and New Jersey Park managers spent three days learning about managing clubs and volunteer sources, building sustainable trails and building trails that can be enjoyed by multiple users.

Kelly and Collins Bishop of IMBA gave a very professional and informative set of presentations that many of us can apply to life. Plus we got to go out and rub elbows in the dirt with some non-mountain bikers that were equally as passionate about trails.

On top of that, a new trail is complete for many to enjoy. It is so satisfying to see mountain bikers flock to the new trail smiling. Hopefully many more to come out of this weekends foundation. ..... Thanks to Jorba and all the volunteers. Now go out and enjoy!!

Riding some of the new section ....

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