Thursday, May 14, 2009

All Girl Ride 5/9

Hooray for All Girl Rides! This past Saturday was by far one of the most fun Kittatinny Clinic rides that I have organized to date. Fifteen outstanding and energetic women gathered to learn and improve their skills. It was a real pleasure to have such passionate and experienced leaders like Jess and Tara. Everything just seemed to move along naturally, and the women picked things up easily. Skills included, mounting, dismounting, balance, track standing, tight cornering, front wheel lifting, back wheel lifting and bunny hopping. By the end of the skills session, they were bunny hopping with joy. Afterwards we all had a great ride and reviewed hill climbing, rocks and log riding while out on the trails. We rode much of the park including the spine, which by the way was lined with moss and columbine. Good day indeed. Looking forward to seeing more women on the trails.

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