Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Winding Down of Summer Collage

early signs of fall

beavers at mahlon

mom's shell collection

cheese boy getting rad....

whimsy at the stands

can you say cheese?

Just another sunset: Thank you Art for always dragging us out to the bridge at sunset. It is so easy to get entrenched in cooking, cocktails and conversation that we nearly miss sunset each time, but Art seems to keep a half an eye on the sky outside, and at that right moment he makes the announcement for us to move outside to the bridge to see what the next sunset will bring. Sunsets are never the same, as each day brings new clouds and wind. Although not all are worthy of taking pictures, each sunset is worthy of witnessing. They are somewhere imbedded in our memory forever.

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Humble Coalition said...

one of the many reasons I love you two kids...