Monday, November 2, 2009


Sunday's cross race took place in a small park in central New Jersey. The course was twisty, hilly and very soupy. With each race the mud churned up more and more, leaving the low areas completely soup by the last race. Spectators were heckling and having some fun. I think Art has the makings of a professional heckler. Bike clean up was furiously taking place between finished racers and 1/2 lap bike changes in the pit. For us humble, single biked mountain bikers from Team Campmor, we just dealt with the bike we started with, and did just fine.

One thing I really like about cross racing is that I can go real hard, have someone to chase and come away with enough energy to go out and do something the next day. It just seems to be easier to recover from than a mountain bike race. On Monday I had plenty of energy to rake and haul leaves with no machines, and I always have the biggest pile on the street. Just a quiet few hours spent saying goodbye to summer 09, and packing away my air conditioner (the tree canopy to the south of my house) for the year.

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