Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Farewell to an Era

... of sand swept breezes

... sunsets and cocktails on the bridge

... walking barefoot

... and Dad. The memories will be with me forever.

What started as my vision 20 years ago, merged with my Dad's vision, transformed into decades of good times at the family beach house. The sun, the wind, the water, digging in the dirt, picking strawberries, shooting stars, glowing phosphorus, beautiful sunsets, weekends with friends and even the mocking bird are written in this glorious chapter of my life. But like all chapters, this one is nearly complete. It's hard to understand why, but over the years, the family grew, things changed. My Dad passed, and things changed once again. I can always re-read this chapter in my memories. All of that will be there forever, but a new chapter and all it's possibilities are soon to unfold.

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