Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dragonflies and Newts

After two weeks off the mountain bike and three weeks off of Ringwood, it really felt good to get back out in the woods this week. It is amazing how my weekly visits into the woods affect me in a positive way. Until I go without, I do not see the value of this ritual.

I spent a few weeks healing a shoulder, and fighting the first signs of winter, and now I am gifted a healthy body and fall-like conditions. Moderate temperatures have returned, and fallen leaves have made open views of the sky and left piles of leaves on the trail. I would say, that I am not a big faller, but these leaves have me diving over the handlebars more often than usual. None of this bad, just all part of where I am today, and I am very happy to be alive and experience the fall and my yearly passage though the seasons.

Today was a birthday, and three friends rode together in celebration. We stopped along a beautiful swamp-side. The sun beat down on us and dragonflies adorned the birthday girl. As I noticed the newts swimming in the shoreline, I realized we were also taking advantage of these last few warm days and preparing for winter. Sad at times, but a reality we all must face and use to motivate us to move ahead in life. As always, great to be a mountain biker.

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