Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer Arrives in the Jungle

After dozens of rainy days that have dominated our spring in New Jersey, the sun has finally come back to us and started to heat things up in the Jungle.... Jungle Habitat, that is. A quick little pre loop down lower shute, and I quickly see that the "I dig Tuesday" elves have been very busy. Thanks to Jorba and Team Town Cycle for trail repairs. Torrential rains had washed out many trails this past winter and spring, and it is good to see some love going back into the trails. I noticed that the "umbilical cord" is now a feature, as you must slither and duck to get around it.

The rain has also brought a bumper crop of extremely healthy looking poison ivy. Riders beware! I rode Rhino clockwise and found it to be very enjoyable in that direction. The laurel starting to bloom on that trail are spectacular right now, and giant mushrooms are already starting to form. So, not all the results of heavy rain are seemingly bad.

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