Monday, June 4, 2012

To Blog or Not to Blog?

So nearly a month has past since my last blog post. The laurel blooms have come and gone. New Giro shoes and gloves have come (write up to follow), and even a snake has shed it's skin to start a new phase of life. Yes, I have been racing, riding and trail building, but sometimes I struggle to find new ideas to write about, and frankly, I question if what I put up here is indeed worthwhile for others to read. I want to think that by sharing race tales and experiences, we are able to be inspired by each other to chase goals in life. Yet, each year I grow a year older, and my races seem a little less fast, a little less special and some doubts linger in my head.

During these few days of doubt, which also coincided with a few days of rain, I hopped on my road bike to get in a quick road ride in between rain showers. I was feeling quite uninspired and had no plan, other than to get outside for an hour. I stopped at the first red light and a van pulled up along side of me. I heard someone knocking on the window. I looked up, as I figured it was someone I knew, but it was no one I could recognize. It was a van filled with women, and one woman was knocking on the window and giving me a thumbs up. I had no idea what this was about, but I wanted to think that someone was in a car and admiring the fact that I was on a bike. Just then the door opens, and I start thinking "oh no, what now?" My eyes met with the eyes of a very large black woman, and she said "you look great girl!"

At that moment, I realized that not only do words mentor, but just a simple action of riding a bike can inspire another person. Regardless of age, shape or intellect, the spirit that guides our actions can inspire others. This is the reason I started blogging and still blog today.

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Norm said...

I often go through the internal debate to keep going or not. I know that I won't stop writing something, somewhere. But there are many days that I wonder if I should bother peeing on the house fire, so to speak. I think recently I came to realize that without a few people really directing things, content goes to pot. As our collective attention spans get shorter and shorter, I think it's good for some people to fight the good fight and to try and produce something that isn't a single sentence, phrase, or word.

Keep it up, otherwise there won't be anyone left to provide content, and we'll be left with a series of untagged, unexplained, Facebook pictures. If nothing else, Facebook has shown us that a picture, more often than not, is worth about 3 words. Words themselves are more valuable than ever.

Do words.