Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Spectrum of Vegies

groovy beets and russian kale

chilled gazpacho

pasta with grilled beets, sausage, kale, mushrooms and leeks

With summer in full swing, vegetable gardens have started to produce many yummy fresh vegetables, and a week of hot weather has made me rethink my dinner menu:

Chilled gazpacho for a hot summers night.

Beets are thought to have an abundance of Nitrites. Nitrite is important in biochemistry as a source of the vasodilator nitric oxide. I have never been a big fan of pickled beets, but now that I am aging into pre-hypertension, which I inherited from my mom, I have been searching for anything in my diet that will keep me off medication, while racing. Grilled beets taste fantastic! ... and the colors are really beautiful and a great way to brighten a plate of food. My teammate says that eating beets keeps her from cramping on the bike in long races.

Some other vegies that taste great grilled are bok-choy, asparagus and sweet potatoes. Get your vegies ... tis the season!

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