Monday, October 29, 2012


Just one week ago, I found myself too tired to ride, climb my stairs, think or even hold my head up. I did not think that a week of good weather could cause me to get so tired, but, there is much to do, and when the sun shines, pixy goes out to play. Some people use a coach or a training plan but I tend to follow the sunshine. I often find myself at this equation in life: Sun = play, Rain = write. So, here I am at home writing, hunkered down, waiting for Hurricane Sandy.

The weekend Trifecta all started with Marty's Cross on early Saturday morning. I say "early" because early races caused us to get up at 5:00am. As I mentioned earlier, I work by sunshine, and the sun never shines in NJ at 5:00 am, so already I was working against my ways. This race, which is part of the local series, also happened to be the New Jersey State Championship. I put in a solid race on an unusually hilly course, leaving not much left over in my legs for anything else. Then I hung out for the festivities, and chilled with teammates and Linus, a charming little jack russell terrier.

Sunday was up early again and this time I was off to Blue Mountain with my mountain bike to race for a bottle of wine, which I somehow won. My legs were toast, but the wine ended up briefly in my hands, as I drank it the next day. The memories of the ride will be with me for long while. Blue Mountain has some awesome trails!

From The bottle ride, I headed over to the grand opening of the West Milford Family Pump Track. It was an incredible sight to see so many kids on bikes. Little and big kids alike, having a great time. I am very proud of all the hard work of the many Jorba volunteers that made this happen. I made an attempt at a few laps on the pump track, but my legs were screaming. It was home to bed for me!

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