Monday, March 17, 2008

Titus Factory Tour

Wednesday, we drove up to Tempe to visit the Titus factory and ride South Mountain. Some cool trails there for sure. We may have ridden them in the wrong direction, as they were pretty tough going up hill. Very challenging and less cactus but a lot more people on the trails. It is a pretty amazing and busy park with rocky technical trails right in the congested city of Phoenix. Besides the technical trails, the flowers were in full bloom, as seen in the photo above.

I was pleasantly impressed with the visit to the Titus factory. My impressions were that it was a small company made up of regular people with a passion for bikes, just like myself. They seemed to operate in a very custom manner,working in a high end exotic material, with a fleet of custom jigs, and a row of buckets of tubes waiting to be welded into the next bike. I think there was some exogrid lust going on that day. I didn't have to go to the Titus factory to love the ride of my bike, but it certainly confirmed my positive impressions of Titus.

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