Saturday, May 8, 2010


The ferns have sprouted!
Trashed a brand new tire on glass.
Thankful for duct tape. a broken chain.

Just a #10 day to be outside

...wherever you are.

Food of the week: Papaya contains the valuable digestive enzyme, papain. These proteolytic enzymes also facilitate the break down of excess fibrin in the blood, avoiding potential heart attack. Papaya is believed to inhibit several types of bacteria, clam digestion and cleanse kidneys, liver and intestines. They also taste way better than a doughnut!


will said...

Hey Ellen,
The picture of the overlook, looks like it was from Governor Mountain. Is the yellow trail up there now open for mountain biking, or were you just hiking up there? Hope all is well!

pixy - mountain bike racer said...

The picture was taken from route 9D overlook of the Hudson River. We were driving home from Blue Mt. Yellow trail at RW is still hiking.

DM said...

I like your haiku :)