Thursday, December 30, 2010

Snow Sparkle Days

When my sacred woods become covered under a blanket of snow, it is time to strap on the cross-country (XC) skis and go explore this strange new topography. Although riding my bike is my favorite thing to do, seeing the woods covered with snow is very beautiful, and I am fortunate to have the opportunity to journey into the woods under these circumstances.

Art and I were surprised to find a XC specific machine groomed double track at the local park where we ski. We took it to the top of the climb, but then decided to venture off the groomed and break our own track towards the lakes and around. Dense snow conditions made breaking super smooth, and there is something special about seeing and feeling a consistent virgin sea of white in front of you as you ski. Tiny snow flakes lit up the floor like jewels in the sun.

Once we reached the first lake, we realized that we were pressed for time to make it all the way around before darkness. We opted to take a hiking trail as a short cut. Try to imagine 2 people negotiating a 2 ft wide twisty catwalk elevated 30 feet above a lake, with 6 ft skis on their feet. A few laughs and some not so pleasant words later, we reached the other side and were able to connect with another skiers tracks.

Although our heads were down trying to make it back by dark, the next hour was incredible as the sun began to set. First, the ground and the tree tops turned a glowing peach color. Then around a bend and all went blue as the sun dipped. By the time we were near the parking lot, the sky was on fire as the sun finally set. ….Once again, an epic outing chasing the sun home.