Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pre-Snow Ride

a sparkle-eyed pixy on a winters ride

With a big snowstorm approaching, it did not take too much arm twisting to find a few souls to go out on one more road ride, even if the temps were in the twenties. Thankfully, Campmor is my sponsor, because just about everything I wore today, and it was a lot, came from the Campmor store. That place is great for keeping an outdoors person warm. Once we got going, I was quite warm on the inside. Thank you dearly Campmor!

As we rode, the sky was dark and reminded me too often that it was still only January, and as you can imagine, this was a bit of a disappointment when all I can do is dream of summer. We were glad to have buddies today, as I do not think any of us would have ventured out by ourselves under these conditions, but we did as a team, and it was good. Three frozen water bottles and 25 miles later we completed our adventure and were feeling better for getting outside. Sometimes half the battle is just getting out the door. Once outside, the right gear and some friends can make for a great time, so don't be afraid to get outside to play!

At the top of 106 trying to get psyched for the cold descent back.

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