Saturday, March 19, 2011

Going Big .... Industry Nine Style

On my recent trip to North Carolina, I had the opportunity to stop in and take a tour of the Industry Nine factory. I am honored to be sponsored by a company that makes such outstanding US made products: hubs/spokes. When I drove up the factory, I saw the number on the mail box but noticed the building had another name on the front door. I wasn't sure that I was in the right place, until I saw a tree full of bicycle rims. ....and I thought the rims were made in china, but now I wonder (wink, wink) if they grow on trees right here in the USA.

Industry Nine is part of a larger Company that specializes in CNC machining and has a whole warehouse full of computer navigated machines. I got to see the whole process from....

a pile of raw aluminum stock....

to a hub shell.

even the spokes are made exactly to their proprietary design.

they are then run through several washes, charged in a special tank to accept anodization that makes many beautiful colors.

The hub is very well designed with stepped sets of pawls and ratchet.

All hand built in what I call the candy factory, making light, stiff instant engaging wheels in enough beautiful colors to satisfy any color craving biker and pixy.

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